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It is a process for treating problems and diseases of the bodily parts involved in digestion. The stomach, oesophagus, large and small intestines, and rectum are all sections of the gastrointestinal tract. The gallbladder, pancreas, and liver are all possible targets for GI surgery, says Dr. Arghya Basu, who is a renowned gastro surgeon in Kolkata. Get best Piles Specialist. If you have any piles problems get the best top fistula doctor.

Why Is Gastrointestinal Surgery Done

Cancerous or benign growths, as well as any damaged area of the body, can be removed using surgery. It could be used to treat a health issue like a hernia (which is a protrusion from a weak spot or hole in the abdominal wall). Screening and detecting abnormalities with the diaphragm can be done with minor surgical procedures. Dr. Arghya Basu undertakes surgery to treat mesenteric vascular disorders such as extrahepatic portal vein obstruction-induced portal hypertension, non-cirrhotic

Which GI Disorders Require Surgery

Among all GI diseases, the top gastro surgeon in Kolkata commonly treats the following with surgery:

  • Gastrointestinal cancers, such as colon cancer: Gastrointestinal surgery is used to remove cancerous tumours from the GI tract and other sections of the gastrointestinal system. Gastroenterologists, for example, may remove a cancerous tumour along with cancerous sections of the liver, intestine, or pancreas.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome: If you have inflammatory bowel disease, you will experience agonising pain as a result of your immune system attacking and inflaming your intestines. You should see the top gastroenterologist in Nashik for a full therapy, which will include a bowel resection, which entails removing the diseased pieces and reconnecting the healthy ones.
  • Appendicitis: If your appendix becomes infected and inflamed, your gastrointestinal surgeon in Kolkata may decide to remove it (appendectomy).
  • Diverticular disease: In the colon, a small pocket or pouch-like structure called a diverticulum can form, which can swell up and cause discomfort (a condition known as diverticulitis).
  • Gallbladder disease: Gallstones are the most common problem with the gallbladder. If you’ve been diagnosed with gallstones, cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery) may be your best option.
  • Rectal prolapse: The top gastroenterologist in Kolkata would advise rectal prolapse sufferers to undergo GI surgery. Part of the intestine protrudes through the anus in this medical disorder.

If you’re having problems with your digestive system, it’s time to see a Kolkata-based stomach expert. A surgical technique known as endoscopy would be performed by the gastroenterologist to diagnose the abnormalities with your digestive tract.